How You Can Help



Rejoice with us that God has given us this opportunity to serve Him through a radio outreach ministry.


Pray without ceasing that the work would bear fruit, all to the glory of God, reaching around the nation and the world for His Kingdom’s sake.

Give Thanks

In everything give thanks, for God’s provision and direction as we seek His plan for this ministry, and give all of the Glory back to Him.


Spread the message of Grace 91.1 KVNG. Volunteer for community outreach. Consider underwriting, a sponsorship, grant or gift to the ministry.

Make a Secure Donation

Grace 91.1 operates on the donations that we receive from our listeners and underwriters. As a NCE (Non-Commercial Educational) radio station as per the FCC and as a 501(c)3, not for profit ministry, you can support Grace 91.1 through your tax deductible gift.

Grace 91.1 is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Casa Grande. The ‘Give Now’ link below will redirect you to the CCCG giving page. Under fund, select ‘Grace 91.1FM.’